April 30, 2017

Status Mahasiswa Asing di Taiwan

Status mahasiswa asing di Taiwan terbagi menjadi dua: overseas Chinese student dan international student. Status tersebut memberikan perbedaan dalam sistem penerimaan maupun biaya pendidikan. Berikut ini penjelasan menurut website MOE

The term “Overseas Chinese Student” is reserved for those who were born overseas and resided there until the present time, or have stayed overseas for more than six consecutive years and have a permanent or long-term residence certificate. Note that for those applying to study in the departments of medicine, dentistry, or Chinese medicine at Taiwan universities, the minimum required number of consecutive years of overseas residency is eight years. The Overseas Chinese Student status must be validated by the Overseas Compatriots Affairs Commission (OCAC).

According to the Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan, there are  four types of students who may apply to study in Taiwan:

  1. Foreign nationals who have never had a ROC nationality and do not have the status of overseas compatriot student at the time of application;
  2. Those who have the ROC nationality and meet the following requirements:
    • Never having undertaken studies in Taiwan as an overseas compatriot student or having accepted an assignment by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students,
    • Having been a ROC national before making an application but has renounced the ROC  nationality with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior for at least eight years before making the application;
  3. Foreign nationals who have also obtained permanent residency of Hong Kong or Macao;
  4. Foreign nationals who have once been a citizen of the mainland China; Those meeting the requirements set forth in (2) to (4) must also comply with the following conditions:
    • Never having had a household registration in Taiwan;
    • Those who have resided in a foreign country for more than six consecutive years (or eight years for the ones applying to study in the departments of medicine, dentistry, or Chinese medicine.)